Trump’s Proxy War Losses May Signal Beginning of GOP ‘Turning the Page’


Even though former President Donald Trump has lost proxy battles with other key Republicans, he remains the most sought-after endorsement in the GOP. But Trump’s time as kingmaker could be coming to an end now that his former allies have had a taste of independence.

More than 100 of Trump’s endorsed candidates have won their primaries, and support from the former president still seems to go a long way with voters. Trump has reason to brag about his endorsement record, but his former allies are starting to make their own set of endorsements, and in several instances, they’ve proven powerful enough to hold their own.

The former president’s mixed results in the ongoing primary elections, coupled with the unfavorable public hearings from the House committee investigating January 6, 2021, mean voters “are likely to see more people re-discover their courage,” GOP strategist Alex Patton told…

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