Trump’s former chief of staff says he would not support him in a Republican primary [Video]


Mick Mulvaney, the White House chief of staff under former President Trump, appeared Wednesday on CNN Tonight and spoke about his old boss possibly making another run at the presidency in 2024. Mulvaney made headlines recently for being one of the few Republicans urging others to pay attention to the Jan. 6 Committee hearings, and has said they could mean trouble for the ex-president.

“What you’re seeing, I think, is folks, especially in my party, are looking at Donald Trump as damaged,” Mulvaney said, “and something that might weigh down the party going into the midterms and into 2024.”

Though he didn’t say what he would do in a national election, Mulvaney admitted that he would not support the former president in a Republican primary.

Asked if he would vote for Trump in a Republican primary, Mulaney responded, “In a primary? No. Keep in mind I got a lot of friends who…

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