Trump Whines that the Jan 6th Committee Won’t Investigate Pelosi and Imaginary Voter Fraud 😭


Donald Trump is on a “sleazebag” jag, calling everyone what he knows that he is. On Wednesday it was CNN president, Jeff Zucker. Today it’s all of the members of the House Select Committee (that he refers to childishly as the “Unselect” Committee) investigating the January 6th insurrection.

In the past Trump has thrown the “sleazebag” label at Republican Sen. Ben Sasse, Rep. Jerry Nadler, FBI Director James Comey, and Chief of Staff of the Department of Homeland Security (and author of the notorious “Anonymous” exposé), Miles Taylor. He uses this all-purpose epithet so frequently because he has the vocabulary of seven year old.

On this occasion Trump was venting his outrage at the bipartisan January 6th Committee because he is writhing in fear of the progress they are making accumulating documents and testimony that could lead to indictments for his many crimes. Trump…

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