Trump terrorist who thought her whiteness would save her compares to Jews in Germany


Before Jenna Ryan went to jail to begin her 60-day sentence for trying to overthrow the government, she compared herself to the Jews of Germany.

Via: NBC News:

“They don’t care about my skin color. They call me ‘Insurgent Barbie’, ”she said.

“They have no idea who I am as a person, what my beliefs are, what I’ve been through, who I am,” she added. “They see me as a one-dimensional caricature. They don’t see me as a human.

“And so, this is the epitome of a scapegoat. Just like they did to the Jews in Germany. They were scapegoats. And I believe white people are turned into perverts in front of the media. . “

Jenna Ryan’s situation has nothing to do with that of Jews in Germany. Jenna Ryan is a national terrorist who tried to overthrow the government. Ryan is the white woman who bragged that her whiteness would prevent her from going to jail.

Ryan is…

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