Trump supporters recall Capitol siege


They descended upon Washington in the thousands, gathering to protest the result of a presidential election they still claim was “rigged.”

The US Capitol came under attack, leaving the country wounded.

One year after January 6, 2021, three participants recall the events of a day that shocked the world.

– ‘Euphoria’ –

“January 6 was incredible,” says Samson Racioppi, a 40-year-old Republican Party stalwart who rented several buses to drive people to Washington from his home state of Massachusetts.

The day began with outgoing Republican president Donald Trump addressing a sea of supporters waving “Trump 2020” flags in the biting cold near the White House.

Trump fired up the crowd with a defiant speech, repeating his false claims that he won the November election over Democrat Joe Biden.

“I remember the actual feeling of that day of euphoria,” said Jim Wood, who came to Washington from New…

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