Trump Should Pick DeSantis or Pompeo for His 2024 VP: Peter Navarro


Trump-era White House advisor Peter Navarro weighed in this week on who his former boss should choose to be on the ticket with him in 2024. 

Navarro said on Thursday that he thinks former President Donald Trump should lock in a running mate early, highlighting who he thought was a good option. He recommended that Trump pick “high-probability targets” Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis while avoiding “danger zone losers like Nikki Haley, Ted Cruz, and Josh Hawley.”

Navarro then expanded on his choices in an opinion piece published by the Daily Caller on Thursday, in which he urged Trump to pick a running mate who is “not just MAGA-sympatico but a true populist economic nationalist cut from the same cloth.”

He wrote that, alongside DeSantis, former Secretary of State…

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