Trump prepares to open next phase of 2024 campaign in South Carolina


They said the forthcoming South Carolina event, among other moves, was evidence that the former president was taking important steps to set himself up for the GOP nomination during the opening days of the race.

“Not all that occurs in the campaign is done in the public eye … There’s a level of expectation that is maybe pushed by people that don’t view the campaign in maybe the most positive light,” said LaCivita. “You have to husband your resources, you have to plan and you have to be ready, and so all of that — we don’t advertise those aspects of campaign building, of campaign organizing.”

The comments come amid mounting questions in political circles about Trump’s low-profile approach. Trump has not held any of his trademark rallies since the end of the midterm election – prompting chatter that he is starting the campaign in a state of political weakness,…

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