Trump is splitting donations with Blake Masters 99-to-1. It could be a boon for Masters anyway.


Those who click through a link in that email are sent to a donation page for the “Official Trump Final Countdown Fund,” with the page telling supporters that “your contribution will benefit Save America Joint Fundraising Committee” — Trump’s main fundraising operation — “and Blake Masters for Senate.”

However, the default split for donations made there is 99 percent to Trump’s political operation — and just 1 percent to Masters’ Senate campaign in one of the closest battleground races in the country. (Donors could choose to change the default split, but it requires clicking through a link written in smaller type and jammed between several more eye-grabbing colored boxes.)

Masters is still getting something out of the deal, though.

Even though the donation split is dramatic, Republican digital operatives said it benefits Masters by giving him access to a group…

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