Trump hits Palm Beach course and is recorded telling John Daly that Putin was a ‘friend’


Donald Trump on Friday told pro-golfer John Daly that he got along ‘great’ with Vladimir Putin and Russia didn’t invade Ukraine under his watch because he threatened to bomb Moscow. 

‘They’re all saying oh he’s a nuclear power it’s like they’re afraid of him,’ Trump said in a recording of a phone conversation with Daly. ‘You know, he was a friend of mine I got along great with him. I say, Vladimir, if you do it we’re hitting Moscow. We’re going to hit Moscow. And he sort of believed me like 5%, 10% that’s all you need.’

‘He never did it during my time John, you know. They were all talking about it ‘why didn’t he do this during the last four years?’ Because he knew he couldn’t.’ 

The former president claimed that Chinese President Xi Jinping didn’t mess with him either.  

‘Xi didn’t bother me either. I told him the same thing, that that’ll be next. You know that’s going to be next….

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