Trump border wall gets south-of-the-border help


President Donald Trump’s border wall has been built apparently with assistance from Mexicans who were smuggled into the United States illegally.

That may be an ironic final note for the project that has become the symbol of Trump’s disputed, hard-line approach to immigration policy.

The wall was supposed to block people from Mexico and other countries from crossing the border illegally, and keep them from taking U.S. jobs. The border barrier may be doing that, to some degree.

But in at least one instance, construction of the wall may have resulted in just the opposite, according to a federal lawsuit reported by The New York Times on Dec. 7.

The first paragraph of the Times’ story seems fantastical: “Two whistle-blowers have accused contractors building President Trump’s border wall of smuggling armed Mexican security teams into the United States to guard construction sites, even building…

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