Trump allies privately plot next steps after 2022 midterms disaster


New York Post covers from Wednesday (left) and today capture Trump’s new pressure.

Some allies of President Trump are considering distancing themselves from his presumptive 2024 presidential campaign after Tuesday night‘s Republican disappointments across the map.

Why it matters: Trump’s involvement in Pennsylvania’s Senate race, which the GOP lost — plus his endorsement of hard-right House candidates who lost or are struggling — dented his aura as a power broker.

  • “Trump’s invincible … until he’s suddenly not,” a former senior Trump administration official said.
  • “But after so many false alarms, no one knows when will be the time we look back at and say: ‘In retrospect, it was over then — we just couldn’t know for sure in the moment.'”

What we’re hearing: Tuesday’s quick disaster in Pennsylvania clouded what might be a more tolerable final outcome for Trump-endorsed…

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