These 10 races could determine control of the Senate in 2022


Midterm Senate campaigns are a nasty, expensive exercise, and 2022 will push them to new heights.

Democrats lead the chamber — split 50-50 when factoring in the two independents who caucus with them — with Vice President Kamala Harris’ tie-breaking vote. Churning out President Joe Biden’s agenda and other progressive legislation has been a challenge with centrists like Sens. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., and Kyrsten Sinema, D-Ariz., to appease.

Republicans, meanwhile, have history on their side and see Biden’s falling poll numbers working in their favor. But retirements by several reliable vote-getters and former President Donald Trump’s polarizing presence are potential hazards on any road back to the majority. Trump already is a major factor in primaries where he’s endorsed a candidate or where the hope of his endorsement has dictated how the candidates behave and communicate….

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