There Is Only Us


“There is no us vs. them…there is only us.”
-Hal Strickland

“It is so tempting to personify good and evil, to locate each in the person of whomever appears most conspicuously in the dramas offered for our consumption. One side holds Donald Trump in exactly the same way that the other holds George Soros and Bill Gates. Personifying evil offers the comfort of knowing at least in principle how to solve the world’s problems. There is someone to destroy, to expunge, to defeat, to cancel, or to silence. Problem solved. The standard Hollywood movie script is also the script for war and also, it seems, the script for a lot of today’s political discourse.”
-Charles Eisenstein

By Dave Cash

I’ve been hanging around upper west side centrist Democrats my whole life, and also have been exposed to a smattering of Bernie bros, the occasional anarchist, and have even talked…

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