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Somewhat disappointed with the Obama administration, I decided to give Donald Trump a chance to improve immigration reform, the economy and crime reduction.

I tolerated his insults to people who could not fight back, either because they were dead, (John McCain); were unpopular (Rosie Odonnell), had suffered a loss (Liz Cheney) or disrespectful of Queen Elizabeth, herself.

Trump may be the lesser of two evils. I would much prefer Rick DeSantis, Marco Rubio, Nikki Haley to represent the party. But he will kill it for them because basically in spite of the good he is capable of, his arrogance supersedes everything. A moderate like Joe Manchin, a Democrat, would be someone I would consider. Joe Biden has shown that he is totally intolerant of Republican voters and would strive to eliminate a two-party system.

Two reasons why I may not vote for some of the Republican in the upcoming…

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