The year in review: Confessions of an incurable optimist | Opinion


Twelve months ago, Americans could indulge in optimism. For a bright, shining moment, 2021 promised to be a year of recovery.

The first vaccines for COVID-19 were going into health workers’ arms. The economy was climbing out of recession. And after a bruising campaign, a new president promised a return to calm.

I shared the high hopes.

“Joe Biden … is 78 years old, and he has been a politician for more than 50 years. Those qualifications may be his hidden superpowers,” I wrote. “Improbable as it sounds, this politician of modest talents and limited eloquence may have exactly the gifts he needs to succeed.”

What could go wrong? Plenty.

The pandemic didn’t end. The economy boomed, but inflation surged. And while Biden restored a dose of normality…

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