The Year in Conspiracy Theories, a 2021 Round-Up


It’s been another bumper year for conspiracy theories. As the global vaccination rollout got underway, Covid mutated its way through the Greek alphabet, and President Trump exited the White House, conspiracy theorists had plenty of content to warp out of all recognition. We’ve spent the year tracking conspiracist movements, and in this festive round-up, we pick out the worst of a bad bunch.

1. The QAnon “Storm” that was threatened – but never came 

The year kicked off (was it really only 11 and a half months ago?) with the January 6 attack on the Capitol, spurred on by Qanon adherents who believed they were rallying against a deep state takeover.

The QAnon mindset dominated conspiracy groups in the dying days of Donald Trump’s presidency. And it infected people’s ideologies in the most unlikely corners of the world. In England’s land of myths,…

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