The Worst Political Predictions of 2021


As predictions go, you could do worse in forecasting the issues that defined this year than what those two men were focused on: Attempting to overthrow American democracy and struggling to contain the pandemic. 2021 in a nutshell, before it even began.

With the year (blessedly) behind us, it’s time again for a treasured POLITICO Magazine tradition: a rundown of some of the worst predictions of 2021. Some are cocksure and smug; others have a tragic air of obsessiveness (cough, Mike Lindell, cough); still others were totally fair and reasonable predictions at the time, but the world spun in a different direction than it once seemed. Here, more than two dozen predictions about 2021 that were, well, bad.

Everything’s going to be fine” in the last few weeks of the Trump administration

Predicted by: Hugh Hewitt, Jan. 6

On the morning of Jan. 6, conservative talk radio host Hugh…

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