The William Barr Code – OpEd – Eurasia Review


At the outset of his newly published memoir, One Damn Thing After Another, former Attorney General William Barr recalls his concern about President Trump’s claim that the 2020 election had been “stolen” through voting “fraud.”

“There’s always some fraud in an election that large,” Barr explains, and “there may have been more than usual in 2020.” But Barr’s Department of Justice didn’t see it changing the outcome, so by extension, cellar-dweller Joe Biden, who had openly touted the most extensive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics, won it fair and square.

As he winds down the memoir, Barr charts President Trump’s many successes: tax reform, deregulation, the strongest and most resilient economy in American history, unprecedented progress for many marginalized Americans, withdrawal from the Iran deal, peace accords in the…

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