The View’s Sunny Hostin rips ‘I’m not doing that’ while butting heads with Ana Navarro during uncomfortable clash


THE VIEW’s Sunny Hostin was steamrolled by Ana Navarro during a hot topics segment that got wildly heated.

Ana accused her fellow panelist of making excuses for Kanye West, to which Sunny ripped that she wasn’t doing that.


Ana Navarro and Sunny Hostin got into an uncomfortable clashCredit: ABC
Ana accused Sunny of 'conflating Kanye West's anti-semitism with mental illness' to which Sunny adlibbed a joke about his 'meds'


Ana accused Sunny of ‘conflating Kanye West’s anti-semitism with mental illness’ to which Sunny adlibbed a joke about his ‘meds’Credit: ABC

On Friday’s episode of The View, the touchy topic of Kanye, 45, reared its ugly head.

The ex-husband of Kim Kardashian, 42, was recently removed from Twitter after sharing a swastika and saying he “likes Hitler” in a far-right interview with Infowars’ Alex Jones, among other shocking events and meetings.

Sunny, 54, began to voice that far-right pundits are “exploiting his mental illness, and that’s horrible also.”

Ana, 50, was having none of it and cut…

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