The View host suggested Nikki Haley changed her name to ‘pass’ as white: Megyn Kelly


American politician Nikki Haley was “attacked” by The View host Sunny Hostin, who suggested Ms Haley changed her name to “pass as potentially a white person,” says The Megyn Kelly Show host Megyn Kelly.

“The implication being, of course, that this is a disgustingly racist country and has been for all of Nikki Haley’s life,” she told Sky News host Paul Murray.

“She attacked her … suggesting ‘where did the name ‘Nikki’ come from?’

“There wasn’t one word of that that was true – ‘Nikki’ is the name on her birth certificate. She’s been called that since she was born.

“And the ultimate chef’s kiss piece of the story is: ‘Sunny’ is not Sunny Hostin’s name.”

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