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The Trailer: Five things to watch this primary day

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David Weigel is away. The Washington Post’s Amber Phillips, author of the weekday 5-Minute Fix politics newsletter, brings you today’s Trailer.

In this edition: Why Nevada Democrats are on the defensive; why Tim Scott could be an unexpected 2024 presidential candidate; and what happened in Alaska over the weekend. 

The Jan. 6 committee has got us wondering whether the White House also had a Diet Pepsi button for Rudy Giuliani, and this is The Trailer.

Like pretty much every Tuesday this summer, it’s primary day in four states, including the presidential battleground of Nevada, plus a closely watched special House election in Texas. Here are five things to watch: 

#1: Nevada has Democrats on the defensive, up and down the ballot

Democrats have taken Nevada for granted in recent election cycles. Like Colorado, it’s a swing state that’s been…

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