Home Politics The top 10 GOP presidential candidates for 2024, ranked

The top 10 GOP presidential candidates for 2024, ranked



Virtually every major political decision former president Donald Trump has made since he lost on Election Day 2020 has been a bad one.

It initially seemed as though he might move on, albeit petulantly. But then he decided he’d take a page out of the third-world-dictator playbook and cling to power by any means necessary.

When he left the White House, he decided he would take government documents and then decided to resist returning them — in a way that now presents perhaps Trump’s most significant legal liability to date.

Then he decided he was going to try to assert dominion over the party by endorsing candidates in the most important 2022 races in the country. Most underperformed their fellow Republicans on the ballot on Tuesday and lost winnable races — including some who could make the difference for Senate control. And if the GOP does come up…

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