The Road Ahead – OpEd – Eurasia Review


How did we got on the wrong road, how do we get on the right one?

Happy new year. I hope it’s a safe and healthy one for you and your family.

Over the last few days I’ve shared with you some facts and thoughts about Trump’s continuing attempted coup. I’ve also suggested that an answer to it (and to Trumpism in general) can be found in Frank Capra’s 1946 iconic movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” and the central question it posed: Do we join together, or let the Mr. Potters of America own and run everything?

Today, the first of 2022, struck me as an appropriate one to focus on how and why America came to be Potterized.

It’s not possible to change the future without understanding the past. The American system isn’t just politics or “the market” as we now experience it. It’s an evolving set of laws, rules, and norms that reflect a shifting structure of power….

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