The Rise of Indian-Americans in USAs Corporate Arena


The Indian-American diaspora has grown significantly in the past five decades and is known as one of the most affluent and educated ethnic groups in the US. Indian-American is engaged in medical fields, science and engineering, and several math-related types of research.

FREMONT, CA : A remarkable number of Indians are influencing the different professional fields in the US. In 2021, Indian-American CEOs employed over 3.6 million people globally while accounting for $1 trillion in revenue and $5 trillion in market capitalization. In the last six months, several Indian-Americans have been appointed CEO for several market behemoths, including Lal Karsanbhai at Emerson, Sanjeev Lamba at Linde, Parag Agrawal at Twitter, and C S Venkatakrishnan at Barclays. These incidences go on to showcase how the talent of Indian-Americans is being slowly recognized in the global business…

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