The real crime wave that Fox News is ignoring: Domestic violence has increased drastically


In between bouts of denying the very real dangers of COVID-19, Fox News spends much of its airtime trying to rile its elderly white viewers about something that is likely not much of a threat to most of them: Violent crime.

Tune into right-wing America’s favorite network, and you’d get the strong impression that leaving your house, especially in any major city, is the equivalent of walking into a war zone, with hosts raving about “coast-to-coast crime crisis” and suggesting it’s impossible to walk “down the street in any major liberal city” without getting murdered lots. When a mentally ill homeless man set fire to the Fox News Christmas tree, this was taken as the ultimate proof that life in American cities is like living in Sarajevo in the early 90s, with hosts screeching that “no city is safe” and “no person is safe” from the supposed onslaught of “random…

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