The “People’s Convoy,” like Trump’s new social media platform, is another right-wing grift gone bust


Fox News willed the “People’s Convoy” into being. For weeks, the network hyped the “trucker” protest in the Canadian capital of Ottawa, spinning it as a grassroots uprising of ordinary Canadians angry about vaccine mandates and other Covid-19 mitigation policies. In reality, however, it was organized by far-right activists — almost none of whom are actually truckers — whose goal was to exploit pandemic anxieties to recruit more people towards a fascist cause. And that is, of course, why Fox News loved it. And that’s why the network spent weeks not only glamorizing the occupation that made life hell in the city for weeks but openly begging their viewers to throw together their own version in the U.S. —except with more violence

It’s a testament to the network’s power over its audience that soon there was a “People’s Convoy” in the U.S., even though…

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