The Party of January 6


Pro-Trump extremists attack the Capitol as Congress convenes to certify Trump’s election defeat. (Shutterstock)

By John Feffer

The defeat of Donald Trump in 2020 was supposed to put an end to America’s delusional national politics.

The quashing of the January 6 insurrection — and the brief, near-unanimous revulsion among members of Trump’s party for that violence — provided some hope that the fever dream had passed.

But the last year demonstrated quite the opposite. Trumpism, which started out as a simple-minded rejection of the status quo, has become something else: a thorough rejection of democratic procedures and a darkly conspiratorial hatred of federal power.

This corrosive ideology is now orthodoxy within the Republican Party, and that party remains just popular enough — and ruthless enough — to win back Congress this year and, potentially, the White House in…

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