The non-Trump 2024 field starts to make their moves


Then, of course, there’s Trump himself. The former president and his team are starting discussions about building a campaign apparatus, including tapping a 2024 campaign manager and other top positions, should he decide to run.

According to multiple people familiar with those discussions, one of the people most likely to have a lead role in an official operation is Republican consultant Chris LaCivita, who was recently brought on to the new Trump-backed Make America Great Again, Inc. super PAC.

Reached for comment, LaCivita said: “I don’t respond to rumors.”

Shadow campaigning more than two years out from a presidential election is not a new phenomenon. But the intensity with which it’s now taking place on the GOP side of the ledger is an indication that the presidential primary will begin in haste shortly after the midterms. It also suggests that some presidential…

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