The Neo-Alt-Right


For the past few months, a line from Matisyahu’s song “One Day”“don’t wanna fight no more”has been running through my head. It’s had little to do with Islamists, “Black Hebrew Israelites,” or even white supremacists. It’s been my reaction to Jews who have situated themselves on the far right and find daily glee in bullying anyone who disagrees with them.

I’ve spent the last eight years arguing with the left, trying to explain to them that what they’re doing is illiberal, helping to popularize the term “leftism” to refer to this illiberalism. In doing so, I made peace with traditional conservatives, who I’ve found to be rational, respectful and dignified. Even during the Trump years, both classical liberals and traditional conservatives tried to focus on his achievements and overlook his unpresidential behavior and seemingly intentional (or at the…

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