The most indispensable player for all 32 NHL teams

Every NHL team has one — the player it can’t win without.

With the league on pause until at least Tuesday, we’ve combed through each roster to find the player having the biggest impact. Sometimes it was easy to spot that player, in other instances, a closer look was required.

The bottom line is that an indispensable player is greater than the sum of his stats. He’s the player a team can’t afford to lose, the true backbone of its success — often both on and off the ice.

Some clubs have a few good candidates who fit the bill. On this list though, there can be only one who makes the cut.

Most indispensable:Troy Terry

I know what you’re thinking. John Gibson. Trevor Zegras. Ryan Getzlaf! All of them are pretty integral to Anaheim’s success too. The tie here goes to Terry for his consistency. When you have a player producing like he does (Terry has 10 more goals than anyone else on the…

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