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Everyone I know that is getting covid right now is fully vaccinated. Joe Biden says we can’t transmit the virus if we are vaccinated, but it appears that is not true. All the folks at a recent nearby gathering, of some of my friends, were fully vaccinated, but someone brought it there because a high percentage of the attendees got covid. The vaccine isn’t working.

Not living in fear

Reports are coming in that illegal, untested and unvetted immigrants are being flown from Texas into Philadelphia and Scranton on a daily basis but Rep. Chrissy Houlahan has nothing to say about it. Her office help says that they don’t know. How many is she taking into her house? Who’s supposed to pay for and support these people?


The Sunday Sound Off had a comment about the ER at Pottstown having 7 “non-vaxxed” people waiting for treatment. Just wondering how this patient found out…

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