The Mercury’s Sound Off for Sunday, December 26 – The Mercury


Not a day goes by without The Mercury featuring a front-page headline about a local community or school board raising taxes. It’s amazing that even after an influx of COVID cash from the feds these progressives think they have to take more money away from people. They are living up to the “tax-and-spend” stereotype of progressives everywhere.

Chuck Draksler

The latest gimmick from the White House is to send us “free” at-home testing kits for Covid. They aren’t free kits, taxpayers are buying them. I don’t need one. I am vaccinated and I had Covid earlier this year. I know what Covid is like. I don’t need a stupid test to tell me I have it. Stop wasting time and money. Develop therapeutics to cure Covid once we get it.

Not living in fear

CNN medical analyst Leana Wen said Monday on “Newsroom” that cloth masks are “little more than facial decorations” in…

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