The Law & Order Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Leo, the lion, is one of the most colorful of the zodiac signs. Leos are a fire sign governed by the Sun, and, according to Kelly in Allure, they “love to bask in the spotlight and celebrate themselves.” As Leos are a “fixed sign” — no retrograde here –- Kelly says they “are renowned for their stability, loyalty, and consistency.” As kings and queens, though, they love being “theatrical” and wearing “decadent designer wear.” Being fixed also gives them a stubborn edge, much like Taurus.

If you’re a flashy-dressing Leo, your character is Detective Joe Fontana (Dennis Farina), who possibly has the most sartorial splendor of all the “Law & Order” detectives. In addition to the “decadent designer wear,” Fontana drives an equally flashy car. This lively Leo loves flashing wads of cash as well. 

Fontana first appears in “Paradigm” in Season 15. He’s from Chicago’s Little Italy,…

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