The Heartless and Stupid Plan to Punish Russian Students for Putin’s Invasion


Once again, albeit indirectly this time, Vladimir Putin has managed to upend American political discourse. And as before, grifters and strivers, Democratic politicians among them, are doing what they can to whip a legitimately alarmed and outraged public into a confused and ugly froth. On Thursday, California Congressman Eric Swalwell—best, and yet least, remembered as an also-ran in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary —appeared on CNN to recommend a set of sanctions against Russia for its invasion of Ukraine. “Frankly, I think closing their embassy in the United States, kicking every Russian student out of the United States⁠—those should all be on the table,” he said. “Vladimir Putin needs to know every day that he is in Ukraine, there are more severe options that could come.”

After Fox News jumped on his comment on expelling students with an article featuring…

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