The GOP Learns Nothing About War


This is so disheartening. The failed George W. Bush crusade for democracy should have discredited these people forever. For them, it is always 1991 or 2003, and America is still fighting to establish Freedom and Democracy as the world order. We don’t need to make sure “we’re on the side of democracy.” We need to make sure that we’re on the side of America’s vital national interests — and that doesn’t include starting a war with Russia over Ukraine, especially not when our own country is falling apart in so many ways.

Here’s the full transcript of Rep. Turner’s clash with Tucker Carlson:

TURNER: Tucker, thank you so much for bringing attention to this issue.

This is one that the mainstream media is not going to be reporting and it’s incredibly important for people to understand what Russia is doing and really the threat to the United States and the threat to the…

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