The Golden Girls were feminist icons


Between the ages of 3 and 5, my daughter’s favorite show was The Golden Girls. She discovered it one afternoon as she flipped through basic cable channels at the Jersey Shore, salty and sandy from a day at the beach.

Her craving for more was instantaneous, so I bought her an entire season on DVD, and began subscribing to Hulu once it started streaming the series. She might be the only 5-year-old who has ever had a Golden Girls-themed birthday party, where every parent had to pin a picture of their favorite character on their shirt (I was surprised at how many Blanches I saw), and friends showered her with a Golden Girls book (Thank You For Being a Friend), puzzle, light switch plate, and some Christmas ornaments. We have two Sophia Petrillo Chia Pets.

Longtime fans know the show’s premise well: It centered around Blanche, Rose, and Dorothy, three women in their 50s (although most…

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