The End of America’s Cities


San Fransisco’s mayor may hint at a return to law and order, but real overhaul toward a peaceful city life is a long way off.

Having established itself as the world’s flagship open air fentanyl recreation center with multiple opportunities for not so petty theft, the City of San Francisco took a sharp turn on December 14 when Mayor London Breed declared its drug-ridden Tenderloin neighborhood an “emergency zone,” pledging to step up law enforcement. A few days later, when the newest installment of the Matrix franchise premiered at San Francisco’s marquee Castro Theater, promoters parked a giant translucent red pill next to the venue. Worry not, that was a publicity stunt, not a sign of things to come.

Breed noted a staggering increase in drug use and drug poisonings that took place in recent months, observing skyrocketing demand for syringes and a 38 percent rise in calls to…

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