The Election Recap: Aug. 8, 2022


Welcome back to The Election Recap, your weekly, one-stop shop for the last seven days of midterms news. Let’s get into it:

So many primaries, so little time

Last week was a big one — voters in Arizona, Michigan, Missouri, Kansas, and Washington decided multiple highly consequential races, including the gubernatorial primary contest that pit former President Donald Trump’s proxy against that of his vice president, Mike Pence. To that end, the Trump-backed Kari Lake narrowly won the Republican nomination for Arizona governor over Pence’s pick, Karrin Taylor Robson, and will face off against Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs in November. Lake has served as a dutiful mouthpiece for Trump’s false claims of election fraud. The former president saw even more success in Michigan, having endorsed conservative commentator and eventual winner Tudor Dixon in the GOP primary for governor,…

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