The Editorial Board: Look on the bright side (A tongue-in-cheek slate of predictions for how 2022 will play out in WNY) | Editorial


May: The new Dacron variant of Covid-19 strikes North America, causing Canada and the United States to seal their border. The Toronto Blue Jays announce plans to again play home games at Buffalo’s Sahlen Field, with special guest vendors the Earl of Bud and the Prince of Poutine.

June: O.J. Simpson announces he will donate his wardrobe from the film “The Naked Gun” to the National Comedy Museum in Jamestown. Museum management balks after Simpson demands that Dave Chapelle and Louis CK headline a “Weekend With the Juice.”

July: Former President Donald Trump continues his efforts to overturn the November election, but suffers a significant setback when his lawyers inadvertently write “2016” instead of “2020” in a court document. This time, the court agrees. Delighted, Hillary Clinton sends an email to former FBI Director James Comey who, with little else to do, reopens…

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