The DeSantis secret weapon that Democrats — and Trump — should fear


Within the five major “megaphones” of our nation — the media, academia, entertainment, science and medicine — the only women deserving credit and acclaim are those from the left who create, instill and parrot the liberal policies and narratives of the moment.

At least, that is the impression many Republicans, conservatives and people of traditional faith have. More than that, they might say that reality has been demonstrated, time and again, by the left’s smearing, denigrating and ignoring the talent and accomplishments of conservative women such as two-time presidential cabinet secretary Elizabeth Dole, a former U.S. senator and former head of the American Red Cross; Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett; former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, who was U.S. ambassador to the United Nations; New York Post columnist Miranda Devine, the force behind the Hunter Biden…

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