The Day – This important Groton Republican isn’t doing Trump’s bidding


I thought eastern Connecticut Republicans couldn’t have sunk much lower this election season than when they nominated someone for a seat in the U.S. Congress who party leaders knew was being accused of a brutal assault on his girlfriend.

Despite an election eve arrest on strangulation charges, the party’s nominated candidate almost squeaked out a win in a close primary.

And yet Groton Republicans did indeed sink lower with a recent demand for the resignation of a Black town councilor, Aundré Bumgardner, who pointed out in a tweet the implicit racism contained in a vote for Donald Trump, a president who has called for white supremacists to “stand by.”

Indeed, with Republican state Sen. Heather Somers of Groton calling protests of racism that followed the George Floyd killing a “darkness” sweeping the country and a Republican on the Groton Board of Education posting “be proud to be…

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