The Day – Review: Prequel series takes ‘Yellowstone’ back to Old West


The tale of “Yellowstone,” creator Taylor Sheridan’s uber-macho Montana-set series that is like “Succession” in cowboy chaps, turns back the clock with “1883,” Sheridan’s gritty prequel series which traces the origins of the Dutton family dynasty.

Sheridan — the czar of the Paramount Network, who also has “Mayor of Kingstown” on the air and another “Yellowstone” spinoff in the works — is right at home in the time period and with the rhythms of the Old West. “Yellowstone’s” characters already do pretty much whatever they want, but “1883” (which is available on Paramount+) takes things a step further by unfolding in a setting where anything goes and laws come and go with the breeze.

Tim McGraw is James Dutton, who will one day be grandfather to Kevin Costner’s John Dutton but here is a man traveling north by horseback with his family — including his wife Margaret…

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