The dark side of Joe Biden’s free college tuition plan


Want to attend college for free?

Who knows? Maybe you could take an economics course and learn that nothing of value truly comes without cost, and that things aren’t always as good as they might seem on the surface — such as those promises associated with free tuition.

And, chances are, the American people as a whole would learn that, too, without stepping into a classroom, if President Joe Biden’s free-tuition plan for community colleges finds its way into law.

The plan is expensive and unnecessary, and history shows it would miss the mark, helping those who don’t need it.

Low-income students already have easy access to Pell Grants and other aids that help pay for community college tuition, which negates the sole stated focus of the president’s plan.

The College Board, a nonprofit formed in 1899 to expand access to higher education, recently released a report that…

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