The Bishop Auckland daughter who testified against Donald Trump


“I’VE had everything thrown at me,” says Fiona Hill, the Russian expert from Bishop Auckland who worked in the White House for three US presidents – and testified against one.

“I’ve got people making stuff up about me, calling me names. It just feels like being back at Bishop Barrington comprehensive school, going to the girls’ bathrooms and seeing rude things written about me on the wall.”

Dr Hill’s childhood in the County Durham coalfield gave her the resilience to ride the wave of hostility that hit her when she gave evidence at the first impeachment trial of Donald J Trump.

“There’s been physical intimidation, people threatening to kill and rape me, people telling me to go and commit suicide, but, again, I went to a British comprehensive school in the 1970s and 1980s so don’t think I haven’t had this before – people wanting to “knack…

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