The Art Angle Podcast: Our Favorite Episodes of 2021


Welcome to the Art Angle, a podcast from Artnet News that delves into the places where the art world meets the real world, bringing each week’s biggest story down to earth. Join host Andrew Goldstein every week for an in-depth look at what matters most in museums, the art market, and much more, with input from our own writers and editors, as well as artists, curators, and other top experts in the field.


If it’s possible, 2021 was even weirder and more confusing than the previous year. Just when we thought everything was back to normal, the universe threw a wrench at us. From Hunter Biden’s painting career to the surge of NFT artists—plus, who would’ve predicted something called “Immersive Van Gogh” would become the hottest ticket in town? The places where the art world meets the real world became even murkier, and we were along for the ride.

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