The ads in this key Senate race showcase two very different campaigns being waged


WASHINGTON —  If it’s Thursday … Hurricane Ian rips across Florida, resulting in massive flooding and leaving more than two million without power. … President Biden visits FEMA headquarters to receive a briefing on the storm. … Biden White House plans to take executive action to help DREAMers, NBC’s Josh Lederman and Julia Ainsley report. … Pennsylvania Senate narrows to 4-point race, per Fox News poll. … Sen. Raphael Warnock, D-Ga., leads in the Georgia Senate contest, while GOP Gov. Brian Kemp is ahead in Georgia Governor, another Fox News poll shows. … And the Republican nominee in Nevada Senate calls FBI “far too political,” per NBC’s Natasha Korecki.

But first: We told you that Democrats and Republicans are running two very different midterm campaigns across the country — with Democrats seizing on abortion and accusing Republicans of…

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