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After the tumultuous presidential election year of 2020 and the outbreak of the first worldwide pandemic in 100 years, it might have been reasonable to assume that 2021 would represent a return to normalcy and that readers wouldn’t have much to write about.

That assumption — and that hope — was quickly proven to be wrong.

Not only has covid not faded into history, but it’s continued to cause sickness and death and it continues to overwhelm health care systems and threaten the economy.

The Trump administration didn’t end quietly after he lost the election, as many thought and hoped.

He pushed his “Big Lie” that he was robbed of victory, to the point where it led to an assault by his supporters on the U.S. Capitol just six days into the new year.

Oh, who on Earth could have predicted that in just a couple of short months, our powerful and popular governor, Andrew Cuomo…

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