Texas board of directors withdraws clemency recommendation for George Floyd


AUSTIN, Texas (TBEN) – A Texas board of directors that had unanimously backed a posthumous pardon to George Floyd for a 2004 drug arrest in Houston backed down in an ad Thursday, claiming “errors of procedure “were found in their recommendation months after leaving the decision to Republicans. Governor Greg Abbott.

The unusual reversal was announced by Abbott’s office two days before Christmas, around the time he typically hands out his annual thanksgiving.

The withdrawn approval sparked outrage from a public defender who submitted the pardon request for Floyd, who spent much of his life in Houston before his death in 2020 under the knee of a white Minneapolis cop. . Houston lawyer Allison Mathis has accused the two-term governor of playing politics ahead of the March GOP primary elections in Texas as he faces far-right challengers.

Floyd’s name was withdrawn along with…

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