Ted Cruz Called ‘Coward’ For Apologizing to Tucker Carlson Over Jan. 6 Remarks


Senator Ted Cruz has been widely mocked after he appeared on Tucker Carlson‘s show to apologize for referring to January 6 as a “violent terrorist attack,” after the remarks were criticized by conservative figures.

The Texas Republican told the Fox News host that the comments he made at a Senate hearing on the eve of the one year anniversary on the attack were “sloppy” and “frankly dumb.”

Cruz, who has referred to January 6 as a terrorist incident in the past without having to apologize, said he was only intending to refer to those who attacked police officers that day and not the “thousands of peaceful protesters” supporting Donald Trump in Washington D.C.

Following his appearance, a number of Democrat figures accused Cruz of being a “coward” for bucking under pressure and not sticking to his beliefs following criticism from Carlson and other Donald Trump supporters.

Others also made…

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