Tamara Keith and Leigh Ann Caldwell on candidates seeking a White House run in 2024


Leigh Ann Caldwell:

I think that Tam’s right.

I think that, with — there were some big wins, I will say, in these last two elections after January 6. I was in the Capitol. I saw how divided especially the House of Representatives was. Republicans and Democrats refused to talk to each other. They finished these two years. They were able to pass something like the Electoral Count Act, like I just mentioned.

But, also, you had election deniers around the country running for office, including these critical positions like secretary of state. And, in most instances, voters rejected that. The fact that voters were paying attention and saw that this was not the direction that they wanted the country to go, I think that tells us a lot.

And so I think, moving forward, that democracy has probably been in a stronger place before, but, the last two years, they have been…

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